Dementia Friendly Community Grader

A no-nonsense valuation system that helps you know how dementia friendly your community is

Greg Elofson
- Founder & CEO of Alzcare Labs


What makes the grader valuable to you

As part of the growing dementia friendly communities, you can benchmark your progress and set goals for being the best at serving your community.

A thorough and quick evaluation of
your community

We help you evaluate the dementia friendliness of your community by answering a short questionnaire, which measures Arts, Shops, Faith Communities, Health Services, Emergency Services, Activity Inclusion, Awareness, Early diagnoses, Empowerment, Befrienders, and more.

Results show strengths and areas
for improvement

With the dementia friendly grader, you are able to see where your
community shines and what can be a source of improvement.

Guidance that provides direction
on how to improve

Whether it’s wayfinding, transportation, or improving personal outlook, the dementia friendly grader directs you to information and knowledge that help take you community to the next level.