Dementia Friendly Businesses

Jane stood there with her cart and feeling lost. Those aisles seemed like a maze. It was her usual grocery store but today it seemed different. The cucumbers were on the left as usual but now she could not see tomatoes on the right. Jane was trying hard to remember where she usually found tomatoes.

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Dementia-Friendly Faith Organizations


Broadly speaking, faith-based organizations are nonprofit groups that follow religious principles. The members of these organizations share common values and meet for performing religious activities such as prayers. Churches, temples, meditation centers are some examples of faith-based organizations. Some faith based organizations, however, focus on secular activities such as cultural activities, volunteer work, reading groups rather than religious prayers.

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Emergency Services


Finally, Jim made the call. After waiting for Jane for 4 hours Jim called 9-1-1. Jane had received a diagnosis of dementia but it did not pull her away from little joys of her life. She enjoyed her evening walks to the neighborhood park, so she continued with them. The park was at the bottom of a hill and had walking trails leading to the hills. As usual, Jane went to the park late in the afternoon but had not returned for dinner. Jim, Jane’s husband, felt it was unsafe to search her by himself. He called 911 for help.

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Health and Social Care


Jane did not want to see the results, but there she was waiting in her doctor’s office for her results. A week ago, Jane had taken a battery of neuropsychological testing which would help the doctor give her a diagnosis. She did not remember how she had performed on the test, but she knew the test did not feel good. When the doctor gave her a diagnosis of dementia, she was devastated. She felt as if her wonderful life had slipped from her in a moment. Jane did not know how could she manage her symptoms better. Jane left the doctor’s office sobbing.

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