Personal Outlook


Personal outlook is one of the factors that determines the quality of life of a person. Personal outlook means our thoughts about ourselves, our situation, and our relationship with our surroundings. How one perceives oneself influences the quality of their lives. A positive personal outlook improves the quality of life while a negative outlook might lead to further deterioration of the quality of life. 

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Personal Choice


Personal choices are seemingly small daily decisions – what do I want to eat today, what style statement will I make today, what books will I read tonight and so on. We cherish an environment that allows us to make personal choices. Persons with dementia are no different. When persons with dementia have a personal choice and control and influence over decisions about themselves, it improves their personal outlook and their emotional health.

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Finally, Jane decided to move closer to her daughter. After a diagnosis of dementia, Jane lived by herself at home for three months. She had to visit her specialist every month but the specialist was thirty miles away. Jane increasingly had a hard time figuring out the bus schedules and fares. Now that she moved to a new neighborhood, she was able to avail herself of various dementia-friendly services. Lisa, Jane’s befriender, would take Jane to church and market every Sunday. The specialist was only five miles away and Jane could take the bus that offered free rides for seniors.  

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After spending a day at country fair, George, a person with dementia, was ready to take the bus home. Although George was diagnosed with dementia, he continued working at the factory where he had worked for last 15 years. He also continued to attend his church every Sunday and was always thankful for the support he was receiving to live his daily life.

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