Building the Dementia Friendly World of Tomorrow

At AlzCare Labs, our mission is to create the core technology infrastructure for dementia-friendly communities worldwide.

By doing this, we will enliven the autonomy, liberty and freedom of people living with dementia through the shared efforts of their carers, families, neighbors, and private and public sector community venues.

Greg Elofson
- Founder & CEO of Alzcare Labs


Why I started Alzcare Labs

My father developed vascular dementia, and so I became his caregiver. Through the experience which the two of us shared, I came to know the pressing need for better ways to live well with dementia. Seeing first the innovations at the Hogeway dementia village in Amsterdam, and then seeing the thought leadership in the UK on dementia friendly communities, I made a decision. I decided to bring together the best talent in Silicon Valley in order to build the communications channels, and Internet of Things support, for the grass roots movement for dementia-friendly communities.

We're sons, daughters, and friends...

Our Team

Greg Elofson
Founder & CEO
PhD, University of Arizona,
JD Fordham University School of Law
Victor Su
Co-founder & CTO
MS, Massachusetts Institute of
Technology, Media Lab
Richard Stewart
Software Engineer
BS, Carnegie Mellon
Kasra Sadeghian
Industrial Designer
Masters in Industrial Design
MA, Northumbrian University
Sarah Khan
UI/UX Designer
Chartered Certified Accountant, UK
Amit Kanwar
Product Marketing Manager
Masters in Data Science,
North Carolina State University
Zachary Melancon
Lead Frontend Developer
BA, Louisiana State University
Saranya Chithalandur Rajendran
Frontend Developer
Masters in Computer Science from CalState, East Bay, CA
Maolei Tang
Frontend Developer
BA from UCLA
Aditi Joshi
Content Manager
Ph.D. Human Phys